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Seller Best Practices

Follow these practices to become a successful seller on My STEM 3D:

1)     Accurate technical specifications: Make sure specifications for each product you are listing is 100 percent accurate. We advise the vendors to recheck each field to avoid conflict with the customers later.


2)     Clear product description: The purpose of the product description is to help the customers understand the products better. Avoid jargons wherever possible, and use simplified language with all necessary features and benefits of the product.


3)     High-quality images: Use only high-resolution images while listing a product to ensure customers have a clear understanding of what they are buying. The chances of a sale increase when a visitor can view every detail of the product.


4)     Inventory: Stocking up your inventory ensures orders are fulfilled faster. The customers don’t prefer vendors whose most of the products are ‘Out of Stock.’ By having sufficient stock of products, you are prepared for peak seasons.


5)     Tracking the customer’s needs: The review and rating by the customers help in understanding the needs of the customer. You get an opportunity to enhance the quality of the product accordingly.


6)     Timely Delivery: The customers always appreciate the timely delivery of their products. Make sure your products are always ready for delivery.


7)     Staying connected with our team: We understand that there can several doubts related to listing and other aspects of selling your products through our portal. Our team always encourages the vendors to clarify their doubts by connecting with us via phone or email.