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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the warranty of printers available on this portal?

Ans. As we have added 3D printers of different manufacturers and vendors, the warranty varies by the model you have selected. Visit the product page of the specific printer to know more.

Q. What are the requirements for registering as a seller of a 3D printer?

Ans. As a seller, you need to submit the following information:

  • Brand Name 

  • Pan Card 

  • GST No 

  • Registered Office Address 

  • Registered Phone No 

  • Bank Account Holder’s Name  

  • Bank Account Number 

  • Bank IFSC Code 

  • Account Type 

  • Email ID

Q. What are the requirements for registering as a school for selling gifting products?

Ans. The school needs to submit the following information to be able to sell the gifting products on this portal:

  • UDISE No 

  • School Name  

  • School Address 

  • Email Address  

  • Contact No 

  • Point of Contact  

  • Bank Details 

  • Society name 

  • Society Pan Card 

Also, you need to download and print the Undertaking present on the website. The printed copy of this Undertaking has to be signed by the respective school’s principal or other authority of a similar position. This signed copy has to be uploaded on the portal for the registration process.

Q. What happens if a school is unable to provide Society Pan Card?

Ans. In this case, the school needs to contact the customer support via to learn about the alternatives they can provide for registration purpose. 

Q. What is the commission charged by My STEM 3D for selling and renting of the 3D printer?

Ans. During the first of the launch of My STEM 3D, we aren’t charging any commission from the sellers and renters of 3D printers. Next year onwards, we will levy a small fee as commission. The details for the same will be updated soon on the website. 

Q. Who can sell gifts through the Gifting Category of this portal?

Ans. Any individual, organization, or a school possessing a 3D printer can enlist themselves as a seller on the Gifting Category of My STEM 3D. 

Q. Who can sell or rent 3D printers on this portal? 

Ans. A registered business with a capacity to serve the customers through properly working 3D printers can sell or rent 3d printers on this portal.