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Here, you will be taught how to use the existing geometry to help define sketches and how your design using the Split Body, Web, and Rule Fillet commands can be affected by the modeling commands. You will also be taught how to use parameters to increase the speed of design changes. You will be taught to use parameters to control the thicknesses of wall and how to resolve the issues pertaining to timeline. You will learn such tips as how to measure geometry inside of modeling commands and how to control the particular angles with the use of 2-sided draft.

This course will help you use the powerful modeling tools available in Fusion 360. Numerous distinct advantages offered by solid body modeling for hard surface applications are not available in more traditional modeling tools such as Maya and ZBrush. The series of these tutorial classes will demonstrated various strategies and workflows to create immensely detailed and accurate hard surface models that too freeform design, assembly creation, rendering, 3D printing, documentation and collaboration during designing of a mid-century inspired desk lamp.