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This primitive based Software has been developed for those students who can work with pre-defined shapes comprising geometric, shape generators, text, numbers, and so on. What you all need to do is: just log in with your AutoDesk ID. You need not worry to save your project since it is cloud based software. It is just an online platform to align and group with the shapes of your choice. Developed especially for junior students, this CAD program is delivered by our educators and tinkerers who have professional expertise in their respective domains.

“Divide and conquer” which is a key principle in 3D modeling, means when the modeling is a complex real world object, we will divide it into smaller geometric shapes and then design these smaller units individually. On reaching the final phase, we will compile these small units together that will make modeling a complex object easily.

For fledglings, it is a better option in this sphere. If you’re new and have hesitation in CAD designing for 3D Printing, Tinkercad will definitely be the program to start with. Moreover, its other quality is that it’s a very powerful, user-friendly platform for CAD beginners and entry-level 3D Printing enthusiasts.
By orchestrating shapes and then adding to or subtracting from them other shapes to accomplish your task, you can create numerous other unique things or recreate the existing objects found in the world.