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If you want to know about Fusion 360 in a very short definition, the answer will be: Fusion 360 is CAD reinvented that empowers you to drive innovation. The users found across the globe, Fusion 360 has emerged as a market leader in 3D mechanical design and engineering. It helps you create sophisticated part and assembly designs faster and competently with the use of powerful, easy-to-use software.

By this learning path you can grow your knowledge about the core skills that will help you design using Fusion 360. When you become an expert in Fusion 360, you will have the skills to attain success and make your products available in the market quickly.

For modeling both onscreen assets (3D renders and animation) and offscreen physically manufactured elements, Autodesk Fusion 360 is a complex piece of software that provides parametric tools which allow a designer to edit components as specs change, i.e. without starting over from the basics. Moreover, projects can be shared among a team of designers making use of cloud-based design management system of Fusion 360.
Here, you learn how to insert standard CAD file to create your design such as in IOT boxes. You also learn how to crack the assembly problems and how to apply different joints and assembly constraints.  

Besides, you will also learn how to design making use of pre-defined CAD files that needs to be inserted in the design space and helps you create your own design around the standard CAD file of pre-defined electronics components