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A free modeling software for students and educators, it links your 2D drawings to 3D designs. It creates section, editing tools, modification tools, etc. that is workable with solid features. It helps in transition of CAD from primitives to sketch based modeling.

If you are new to CAD or Fusion 360, this course will be the appropriate one for you as you can learn the basics of parametric modeling in this course. Generally, the flow begins with a basic sketch followed by extrusion and finally modification as required.

Sketch Dimensioning is a useful function of Fusion 360 that is arrows with numbers. You can create a dimension. For it, just select “Sketch Dimensions” or press ‘D’, and subsequently select the line you need to dimension. In order to resize it, you can double-click on any dimension that will make it immensely easy to determine the exact height of your sketches and to revert and change them later if you need.

You need not be bewildered at drawing, just bring your idea out of your brain onto paper first and start working from there, it helps you flesh it out, and identify problems faster vis-à-vis going straight into 3D modeling.