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By registering as a seller on My STEM 3D, reach out to more people who are looking for 3D printers for different uses, such as 

  •             Educational purposes
  •             Printing of gifts
  •             Prototyping
  •             Tinkering
  •             And more....!


Selling on My STEM 3D: The process to sell on this portal is straightforward


  1. Register yourself by filling all the details on the Seller’s Registration Form
  2. Download, fill and upload Vendor-Marketplace agreement available on this page
  3. Upload soft copy of PAN CARD while registering 
  4. Confirm your registration by clicking activation link sent to your inbox
  5. Start listing the products with all essential details using your seller’s account 
  6. The products go live after our admin panel approves the details


Active Support for sellers

Get answers all your queries related to listing on this portal from the dedicated team of seller support representatives.


Commission and Payment

You need to pay only 5 percent of the selling price for each sale you make via our portal. The total payment is made to your bank account by the completion of every month. For 3D printer rentals and 3D printed objects, the commission is 10 percent. 



The payout time by My STEM 3D is 15 days. The sellers will receive payment (Total Sales – (Commission + Shipping + Packaging) in their bank account after every 15 days. 



My STEM 3D has tie-up with different shipping vendors. When a customer adds a product to cart, the shipping charges will be levied automatically. 



The vendors need to sell the printers and other products using the packaging provided by My STEM 3D only. For vendors staying outside Delhi NCR region, My STEM 3D will ship the packaging materials to the registered office. 



  • You can make the changes regarding your information and product details through your seller  account  
  • The changes go live after admin approves the same
  • There is no limit to how many times you want to update information 

Seller Code of Conduct 

As per the policy, the sellers must act honestly and fairly on My STEM 3D for a safe selling and buying experience. Each seller must:

  • Provide correct information to My STEM 3D and its customers at all times
  • Avoid damaging or abusing another seller, their ratings or listings
  • Avoid influencing customers’ reviews, ratings, and feedback 
  • Avoid sending inappropriate or unsolicited communications 
  • Avoid misusing features or services by My STEM 3D 
  • Contact the customers only through Buyer-Seller Messaging
  • Avoid circumventing the sales process of My STEM 3D 
  • Avoid registering on My STEM 3D through two different accounts

For Best Practices related to selling of products, click this link



Open your online shop & Explore a new world of market with more then millions of shoppers

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    Open your online shop & Explore a new world of market with more then millions of shoppers