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STEM Education Files

STEM Education Files

Do you find STEM education kits in India a bit costly?
My STEM 3D is offering an economical solution. Find a range of 3D Printed STEM kits that highly reasonable prices. A lot of these educational models are available for less than Rs. 100 in India.
The products available under this category are divided into subcategories:
1. Downloadable STL Files:  If you already have a 3D Printer, you can get choose 3D print STEM experiments for free from this category. Just select the model of your choice, and follow the subsequent steps. All the options with the price shown as ₹0.00 under the DOWNLOADABLE category are FREE STL files.

2. 3D Printed kits:  The products under the PRINTED category are 3D printed that we will deliver to your doorstep.

Some of the topics include gears, pulleys, wheel, and axle, etc. Just select the topic you want to teach/learn, and choose the kit available.
A regular STEM Educational kit from a renowned brand is available in the range of Rs. 10000-20000. This isn't economically feasible most of the educational institutions, academies, or individuals. With STEM models from My STEM 3D, you need not worry. There is a separate model for every STEM topic, which means you need to purchase only those models that match the topics you are teaching/learning.
An advantage of using 3D printed STEM Educational kits in Indian schools is that the students start showing more interest in the topics of Science, Education, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. They don't simply acquire the theoretical knowledge but also understand what goes behind every concept.